The NJ State Police -Hope Station, the Blairstown Hose Company #1 and the Blairstown Ambulance Corp provide emergency services. The fire company and rescue squad are operated by dedicated volunteers and rely upon all of us for donations to meet their operational needs. Hardwick also depends upon the Stillwater Area Volunteer Fire Company for back up fire protection. Emergency Paramedic services operate out of Atlantic Health in Newton.

Several Internet providers cover different sections of Hardwick. The companies offering service include Century Link and Optimum aka Altice. A third provider, Planet Networks is installing high-speed Internet infrastructure to serve Hardwick residents in 2022.

      The Mayor is one of three elected members of the Township Committee. Each January the Township Committee selects a member to serve as the Mayor for the year. Committee members serve a term of three years.

      The Board of Education is an autonomous body with members elected by residents in the town they represent. The budget process for schools falls within the jurisdiction of the Board of Education and is completely independent of the Township Committee.

The municipality is responsible for collecting school taxes as well as the county and town taxes.

    Taxes are due on a quarterly basis; February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1. A ten (10) day grace period exists for paying taxes however if the taxes are not received by the 10th, an interest penalty is assessed retroactive to the first day of the collection quarter. The part time Tax Collector is located in the Hardwick Municipal Building and post her hours of operation on this site.

Residents must contract with a private garbage hauler for collection services. Traditionally the township sponsors a cleanup week for bulk items during the month of May. A notice will be placed on this website explaining citizen participation well in advance of the cleanup week.

Hardwick Township has a part time Animal Control Officer. You can contact the ACO Alan DeCarolis at (908) 377-0808.

           Some improvements do require a permit and it is best to ask if you are unsure.

Construction, electrical, plumbing and fire sub-code permitting and inspection services are provided by the NJ Department of Community Affairs.  The local offices are located in the Blairstown Municipal Building on Route 94. Check the Blairstown website in advance of a visit for office hours. If you are modifying or expanding the footprint of your home or adding an accessory structure, a zoning permit is required. This step precedes construction permitting. Contact Hardwick’s part time Zoning Officer George Boesze at  (908) 362-6528 x4 zoning@hardwick-nj.us

Yes a permit is most likely required from the Warren County Department of Health. Septic systems are regulated in the state and any and all repairs or replacements must meet current design standards. A Warren County Registered Environmental Health Specialist will provide advice and answer your questions. Visit their website for contact information.

Does Hardwick or Warren County replace mailboxes damaged during plowing operations?

             Unfortunately mailboxes can be damaged during snow removal operations. Neither Warren County nor Hardwick Township will replace or repair your mailbox.

Make sure that your mailbox does not extend into the paved right of way as plow operators try to open the paved shoulder as wide as possible.

                Atlantic Health Systems operates hospitals in both Newton (Newton Medical Center) on Route 94 and Hackettstown (Hackettstown Medical Center) at 651 Willow Street in addition to the highly regarded Morristown Medical Center in Morristown. There are several urgent care centers in the area including Newton and Blairstown facilities both located on Route 94.

  We would love to hear from you. Feel free contact a member of the Township Committee or forward a resume and cover letter to the office of the Township Clerk clerk@hardwick-nj.us . Try to get your request to us in early December as each year the town re-organizes in during the first week of January.

Absolutely!!! Many of Hardwick’s organizations such as the Hardwick Historical Society and Hardwick Senior Citizens Club are always looking for new members. The emergency fire and rescue service organizations need volunteers.

There are hiking groups and a variety of service organizations in adjacent communities looking for members as well. Volunteering is a great way to serve your community and make friends. Tell us where interest lie and we will try to connect you.